Burning L Productions is the personal and professional site for Sara Alldredge.   It was born in her youth as a portal for web content, coding snippets, application resources, graphic design projects and as a landing page for potential clients.

Since its inception, it has evolved to support many different projects.   From hosting gaming communities, blogging, web development, graphic design, music production, and even as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform for a few small businesses.

"If you aren't working yourself out of a job, you aren't working"

Sara began her technical experience in the crossover that was once telephony and computers, providing services to clients and their organizations.   It wasn't long before those clients turned into solid business relationships and friends.

As a Marine, Sara traveled the entire world a few times over.   She grew with the knowledge of how large, and how small our world is.   From that experience and since, Sara has encountered many people, personalities, and idiosyncrasies.   All of which help Sara to hone in on her interpersonal skills that many in the IT industry lack.    It's great to find an IT person that can migrate your network, but you should be able to talk to them and have a meaningful dialogue with a human.

Throughout most of her career Sara has been at the forefront of the Managed Service Provider industry. Specializing in Windows Servers, Active Directory, Exchange, Infrastructure, Networking and all around Engineering and Administration, Sara is constantly breaking through with new applications, services, and a wide array of proprietary applications.    While working for many different providers, Burning L Productions was constantly in the background, ever evolving.    Today it has returned to its core of being a landing page for Sara, a place for her design and creations, a place for small coding projects (even though Sara will say she hates coding), and whatever else she finds interesting to share.

Sara is located New York City area, where she continues to consult on an Engineering and Adminstration level, and as a freelance Designer for web design, graphic design, motion graphics,Twitch stream graphics, and special effects.